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Join our chat server

We use our Zulip chat server to get to know each other, share ideas and experiences, ask questions, and explore collaboration.

To join, send an email (from the address you want to use) to Tell us who you are and why you want to join the group. If you're a real person, we'll send you an invitation.

Thanks to for sponsoring our server!

What else can I do?
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Join our monthly video calls

We get together on monthly Zoom calls to talk about topics of interest. We decide what topics to talk about on the chat server. We don't do presentations, and we don't have speakers; we just talk. Shop. About participatory narrative. In all of its forms.

Cool. Is there more?
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Join our core team

Members of our core team are distinguished only in that we have promised to make time to hang out on the chat server, be present on the phone calls, and help the group thrive.

At the moment the people on the core team are Shirley Giroux, Cynthia Kurtz, Yeu Wen Mak, Thaler Pekar, Stephen Sillett, Harold van Garderen, and Bruce Waltuck.

If you want to join the core team, tell us on the chat server. (There are rules.)

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