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Join our Discord server

We use our Discord server to get to know each other, share ideas and experiences, ask questions, and explore collaboration.

To join, just click the link and follow the instructions.

What else can I do?
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Join our monthly calls

We get together in monthly calls to talk about participatory story work. We don't do presentations, and we don't have speakers; we just talk. Shop. About participatory narrative. In all of its forms.

Our calls are on the second Monday of each month at 1900 and 0100 UTC. Information on how to join the calls is on the Discord server.

Cool. Is there more?
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Join our core team

Members of our core team are distinguished only in that we have promised to make time to be present on the phone calls, hang out on the Discord server, and help the group thrive.

If you want to join the core team, tell us on Discord. (There are rules.)

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